Fluxly is a musical physics looper game where you create new instrument scenes by moving and spinning colorful Fluxum sound sample players. Fluxly brings a whole new approach to knob twiddling and sound making.

You can choose from a bank of built-in sound samples, or record your own samples and play them back in either direction at any speed. By touching two Fluxum and pushing them together you can link them into looping gear train machines. You can also enable movement and let the built-in physics engine take over as the Fluxum bounce around the instrument for random sonic fun.

Recording can be done right in the app, and loops can be up to about 10 seconds long. You can also customize all of the sounds in Bank 1 by using iTunes and the filesharing features of your iPhone or iPad to upload any sound samples from your computer.

Fluxly was built using openFrameworks, Box2d, libPd and Pure Data.

This is a universal app for iPhone, iPad and most Android devices.


If you have any questions about or trouble with Fluxly, please contact fluxama@gmail.com. In addition to your symptoms or question please include:

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